Ann O’Brien, LCSW, MSc


Ann is a Licensed Therapist practicing in Playa Vista.  As both a caring and highly skilled therapist, Ann offers clients a safe, supportive space that allows for reflection and growth.  Clients have described Ann as “easy to talk to”, “understanding”, and “dedicated”.  Ann’s approaches are informed by both cutting edge research and 15 years of professional experience.  She is well-equipped to tailor her approach to each client’s specific needs.  Some of her techniques include mindfulness, humanistic and narrative approaches, trauma-informed, cognitive behavioral therapy and a holistic, integrative perspective of well-being. 

Ann also helps couples determine their relationship goals, rekindle their affection and fondness for one another and learn skills to help handle life’s challenges as a unified, supportive couple.

Connect with Ann to help heal from difficulties and learn fresh ways to navigate life’s challenges.

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